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Today the persian is the most popular cat registered by the cat fanciers association. Persian cat breeds are quiet laid back , lazy and calm.

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But persian caste not overly smart, and limited intelligence.

Persian cat personality reddit. The u_persian_cat community on reddit. This cat has large round eyes set wide apart in a large round head. Whether your cat is affectionate, loyal, aggressive, territorial, playful or cooped up, it’s a matter of personality and not gender,” she says.

The persian is the epitome of a lap cat, with a restful and undemanding personality. Persian_cat 929 post karma 9,656 comment karma send a private message redditor for 5 years. Temperament of persian cat breed:

On top of that, each cat breed comes with its own unique character traits. Cat expert ingrid king agrees. Almost two years ago i wrote an article about which dog breed matches your personality type.since then i’ve gotten repeated requests to write a cat breed article.

An inherited disease exists within the persian cat breed. The long thick coat softens the lines of the cat and accentuates the roundness in appearance. One is a ragdoll, the other himalayan.

Famous for her flat face, round head, short limbs and thick, long fur, the persian has reigned supreme in the cat world for more than three decades. Hi, i am torn between 2 adorable kittens. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

A persian has a personality unlike any other animal i have ever owned. Help reddit app reddit coins reddit premium reddit gifts. One, conducted by samuel d.

Indeed, a fluffy persian kitten in hard for anyone to resist. Some breeds such as the talkative siamese and loving maine coon are very sociable and affectionate, while others such as the russian blue and persian are more independent and need more alone time. The most wonderful thing about a persian is not their amazing looks, it is in fact, their sweet, laid back, affectionate personality.

As long as it is a persian cat then we are willing to accept them! A persian cat is known to be sweet and gentle. Persian cat breeds also exceptionally friendly, sweet, gentle personality and is a quiet companion.

Either the cat will be playful, or even quiet; 3 things being a cat person or dog person reveals about you. The ragdoll may well have been a mix of the burmese, birman, and the persian, but the cat credited as the original ragdoll is a white cat named josephine.

Persian cat breeds has many color: It has a huge and round head, small ears and a comparatively short tail. He didn’t appreciate being held but liked petting.

I have 2 kids, 5 & 8, and we have 3 dogs, a golden retriever, a goldendoodle and a cocker spaniel. It all depends on the individual cat since each cat has a personality of its own. For that reason, ragdolls are also called the daughters of josephine.

Get information about the ragdoll cat including facts, history, personality traits, and what it's like to live with this breed of cat. I used to have a pure white one with golden eyes who passed away at 5 years old due to an infection. You can even bend the rules and post exotic shorthairs (simply because they are adorable as well).

This little cat unlike the exotic short hair, which can either be indoors or outdoors, is mainly an indoor cat. It is white, silver, orange and black. She first came into vogue during the victorian.

The disease is called progressive retinal atrophy (pra). As an example, the cat fanciers association persian cat profile describes its personality as sweet, gentle, and needing an atmosphere of security and serenity. environmental factors since the vast majority of pet cats are of the domestic or mixed breed variety, environment is the single most important factor behind their personalities. Persian cats differ from one to the other.

“i personally believe that gender, other than as a personal preference of the guardian, is the least important consideration when it comes to choosing a good match. Well, the first thing you should know is that each kitten has its own distinct personality. Can someone give me any thoughts on what might make one a better choice over the other?

All of the dogs are very. He wasn’t the friendliest of cats but more lovable t. The cat pablo picasso depicts in cat eating a bird is a brindled orange.

They are not like any other cat i have had, they are so much more docile and calm mannered. Traditional persians do not have as short a face as show persians and look more like the earlier examples of the breed, but both have the same sweet personality. The result is that the persian now comes in two types, show and traditional.

Many fairy tale cats such as puss in boots, dick whittington's cat and the cat and the fiddle are depicted as ginger tabbies. Jk i generally like the retriever personality so poodles labs and goldens generally fit the bill, confident, goofy, can bounce back. Here we take a look at the most usual personality traits of the persian cat.

Persian cat health problems can take the following form, nostril constriction, cherry eye, tear duct overflow, dental malocclusions, polycystic kidney disease, entropion, and seborrhea oleosa. But the persian is popular for its laid back and loving personality too.

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