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Joined dec 20, 2007 messages 1,404 reaction score 133 location columbia. This is the recipe that pete’s wicked ale would send you if you requested a homebrew recipe equivalant.

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It's sort of wild to imagine, but the flagship brand was wicked ale, a brown.

Pete s wicked ale. Bought the brand in 1998 and discontinued it several years ago. It then went public and was acquired three years later. His pete’s wicked ale, which debuted in 1986, penetrated the country nationwide and helped introduce flavorful beers in places that previously hadn’t known any.he was a beer ambassador who traveled tirelessly in those heady early days.

Pete's brewing company was founded by homebrewer pete slosberg and mark bronder in 1986. Pete’s wicked ale clone one of the early superstars in the us craft beer scene, pete's brewing co. American brown ale (10c) boil size:

It's more bitter than the english brown ales or nut brown ales that came before it. The company grew over 100 percent annually for 10 years! 6.6 lbs northwestern gold malt extract (unhopped) 1.5 oz brewer's gold pellets (bittering, 60 minute boil) 1 oz brewer's gold pellets (last.

Pete's not so wicked ale pours to a deep caramel/brown color with a soapy white head that fades, and a fairly lively carbonation. Was very bummed when i learned it wasn't being made anymore. It’s the end of an era.

Here is a pete's wicked ale clone recipe from mother earth news, dec '94 or jan '95 issue. 8 oz 60 lovibond crystal malt; Pete's wicked ale is an experience out of the ordinary.

Brewer's gold is the signature hop of pete's wicked ale and this ale is definitely dry hopped. Pete's wicked winter brew clone. 1.011 sg (2.8° p) fermentation:

The beer pete's wicked ale calories are 174 grams with contains abv of 5.3% knowing the alcohol content of pete's wicked ale is necessary before you take a sip. Pete's wicked ale this style of beer for years has stood alone in the brown ale catagory. Pete started pete’s brewing company in 1986, which included the creation of pete’s wicked ale.

See bars, beer stores, and restaurants near me selling pete's wicked ale with prices and whether it's on tap or in a bottle, can, growler, etc. Pete’s wicked ale was a brown ale and was the second best selling craft beer in the ’90s. Pete's wicked ale was the standard for the american brown ale style. the gambrinus co.

The added hop bitterness and dark malt character created a new catagory of beer, american brown ale. Actually, if it's pete's wicked ale (and not a red ale) we're talking about then we're really talking about a bitterly hopped american brown ale. Good luck in your brewing!

Pete’s brewing company, makers of pete’s wicked ale specialty beers, is such a player. Guess i will do a clone this year. Pete’s brewing company had $19mm in sales with 116,400 barrels of beer sold in their 3rd quarter ending september 30, 1996.

8 oz special roast malt; Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. I was fortunate in 1988 to drink some right out of the bright tank at the august schell brewing in new ulm, minnesota.

Was founded in 1986 and was eventually sold to gambrinius in 1998. Its major product line was pete's wicked ale, an american brown ale that is 5.3% alcohol by volume. 1.051 (12.5° p) mash profile:

In 1996, twelve years after its founding, pete’s brewing company was acquired by the gambrinus company of san The nose that was once so vibrant with fragrant hop aromas, it lightly sweet malty, and faintly hoppy. Tom leith ([email protected]), hbd issue #1105, 3/25/93.

In 1988, pete's wicked ale repeated its achievements, quickly earning a reputation as a premium microbrew. The palate which one time had lots of robust chocolate malt flavors, is mildly sweet malty, with a thin body. I drank boat loads of pete's wicked ale and strawberry blonde ale in the mid 1990's.

Vigorous growth begins in 1989 My friend pete slosberg was a pioneer in the craft beer world. Single infusion, medium body est fg:

Pete's wicked ale was voted the top ale in the 1987 great american beer festival in colorado and ranked as one of the top five beers in the united states. The company was acquired by the gambrinus company in 1998, a company that owns the spoetzl brewery in texas, the bridgeport brewery in oregon and the trumer brauerei in berkeley. This beer played a large role in putting american brown ales on the beer map.

76 with 513 ratings and reviews. This will make you aware of the alcohol by volume percentage so that you have an idea about pete's wicked ale alcohol content which you are consuming. I'd like some feedback on this pete's wicked strawberry blonde clone i've been working on.

At one point, the beer was the #2 craft beer behind sam adams. Nationally, one of the most successful companies was pete's wicked, which from shortly after its founding until the great shakeout of the late 90s was the country's second largest craft brewery. Pete's wicked winter ale clone.

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