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In order to protect it from evil entities once more, she and peter parker are sent from their lives in new york city to a different universe, in konoha. Peter parker, most popular guy in the school.

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When peter parker was little he knew he was different compared to other omegas.

Peter parker x reader lemon. After peter's 17th, when peter is finally the legal age of consent in new york, tony and peter decide not to hide their relationship from the team anymore. Home again (peter parker x reader) by mel 102k 2.1k 30 the avengers learn about a hidden hydra base and make a plan to execute a mission to find if there is anything there of use. Hi, can i have a male!reader imagine with peter??

Imagines #spiderman homecoming #spiderman fanfiction #peter parker imagine #tom holland imagines #tom holland fan fiction #peter parker x reader #petersspidey #tom holland imagine #sam winchester #supernatural #dean winchester #dean winchester imagine #sam. He knew he wanted more in life than kids and an alpha to clean after, he wanted a career and that career was set in science, more specifically engineering and robotics. You were in the classroom with your friends waiting to go into the assembly hall.

[naruto/avengers crossover][various!naruto x reader] after the endgame, (y/n) (l/n) unintentionally became the possessor and user of the mind stone. Read peter x reader (smut) from the story marvel smut by raphael_lover23 with 42,954 reads. You walked through the halls of midtown school of science and tech.

Because of this, there is now a new option for court trials; Have you ever wondered what it's like to be with peter parker/spiderman or tom holland? Like maybe a new student at midtown and he shares common interests with peter and it’s cute and fluffy??

Get some ( peter parker x reader ) smut smut ahead. One day you were just out at a. I tried to make my mind as dirty as ever.

Peter parker has a tough time getting over michelle jones when she splits up with him. You walk quickly, weaving your way through people to get to your destination. (peter parker x child reader) (female reader) add to library 1,569 discussion 1,038.

She, is torn appart too. Your eyes scan the hall, looking for your best friends. Panic (male reader) peter parker’s lucky pencil.

What would’ve happened if y/n was in sm: Originally posted by spderman “we have a new student to decathlon, welcome y/f/n y/l/n,” the teacher announced. The final bell rang and you sprang up out of class.

Then, as if an imaginary target had been set on their backs, you spot them. ” you heard someone call. I can't wait to see who the famous person is!

(yandere!peter parker x reader) a new sector to the s.h.i.e.l.d facility has finally been passed off as legal, despite the contradictories to the constitution. Completed october 20, 2016 silversnake. Day 3 of pride month (because i’m a shit person who started late) peter parker (tom holland) x male!reader.

Peter parker/thor (18) pepper potts/tony stark (15) exclude additional tags bottom peter parker (605) top tony stark (267) anal sex (245) anal fingering (117) daddy kink (115) top wade wilson (111) smut (109) precious peter parker (76) blow jobs (75) peter parker needs a hug (64) And then peter mentions a fantasy about being used by the rest of the avengers, and tony just can't say no to him. Soon enough, a new girl enters his life.

Fanfiction romance tmnt spiderman leonardo star wars. You were at school and you found out that someone famous would be coming to do a speech and you wondered who it was. It would mean the world to me!!

Where ned and mj are your best friends, and peter is your boyfriend. This is another request for o. It’s okay (drabble) in your bed, with you?

Peter is torn appart between keeping mj close to his heart even though she isn't there anymore, and letting michelle go and letting the new girl in. You turned to see the angel. Now he's eighteen and attending college and living with his uncle ben and aunt may when he lands.

I just wanna get some. Aside from the death and prison sentences. Well, now you can find out, in this exciting story where you get to play the so!

Peter parker x reader masterlist.

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