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She has mitten front paws, and lots of extra toes on the back feet. My new queen mother” of this litter is e g queen amenia of falconeye ( nick named honey.

Pixie bob Tail(ess) Beauties With A Tale To Tell

My kittens are all judged against the tica pixie bob standard.

Pixie bob kittens. That was the temperament i wanted to have in a show cat breed. Generally, you can expect to pay from $600 to $800 for a pet quality cat. Falconeye pixie bobs are raised inside our home with family.

I fell in love with the pixie bob breed about 20 yrs ago. Just in case you haven’t found out yet, pixie bobs are a domestic breed of cat bred to resemble the bobcat. Male straight foot….$1,200.00 female straight foot….$1,200.00 poly kittens….$1,500.00.

See more ideas about pixie bob kittens, pixie bob, kittens. It involves a veterinarian who killed kittens, and almost mom, performing a cesarean, three kittens thrown in the trash, and a grieving pixie bob. Pixie bob kittens and pixie bob cats are a fully domestic breed resembling the north american bobcat.

It is very hard to compete two cats and kittens against each other and still come out with both being in the top spot. The regular waiting list requires that you fill out our contact form, and if/when a kitten is born that matches your criteria, we will contact you. Special agent without details raised the dumpster kittens and is very attached to them, calling for them incessantly whenever she looses track of them.

My awesome pixie bob kittens will be a month old this friday 2/7/20. The exact price of a pixie bob kitten depends on a breeder and several other factors. However, show quality pixie bob kittens cost around $1500.

A legitimate pixiebob breeder would be more than willing to prove that their kittens are really purebred. Care, personality, grooming, health and feeding. They can be pet, breeder or show/breeder quality.

I was at a cat show i came around the corner and there was a large, long haired male cat in the show cage, washing his kittens. While they are fine to be left alone during the day while you are at work, they should be played with once you have returned. They would also do well with another pet to have as a companion as they are very friendly.

They get full time interaction and are used to being handled and socialized. Educating and exposing all critter lovers to the. Shipping by air available, we accept paypal!

😀 thanks for stopping by! Maybe you went to a cat show and met your first pixie bob there. 1,344 likes · 11 talking about this.

“ for her rare honey color and random spotted coat. This is her first litter and she is an amazing mom. My kittens start at $650 for a female and $750 for a male, as they are in higher demand.

First, the buyer must ensure that the breeder can trace back the lineage of the kittens to brewer’s pixie (the original breeder). Please note that we are unable to hold kittens until a signed contract & payment are received. To the best of our knowledge no cattery has ever had this honor.

As a result, they sport a rugged, substantial exterior with heavily hooded eyes and spotted coats. The pixie bob cat owner's manual. Maybe one of your friends got one and after meeting it, you decided this is your breed?

You’ve found the ‘home’ of the pixiebobs featured on animal planet’s cats 101!! I breed for healthy quality cats, that meet the high standards of the breed, but also for loving personalities. They enjoy playing games and should be kept company often.

There are two types of waiting lists for our pixie bob kittens for sale: Regardless of what made you decide that the pixie bob is the breed for you, your decision started the. Welcome to falconeye pixie bobs.

The pixie bob cat owner's manual. Care, personality, grooming, health and feeding. Be sure to visit our available cats page for older kittens and adult cats.

Offering purebred pixie bob kittens for sale in the central oregon area. Bloodlines also do play a part in judging the kittens. Sunstone pixie bobs, prineville, oregon.

Pixie bob kittens for sale as pets only.

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