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We often see them sniffing many things, whether it's an object, an animal or even us. Flowers yellow daffodil image credit:

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In addition to plants that cats dislike, some plants are actually poisonous to them.

Plants that cats hate. If cats are a nuisance in your garden, consider buying some plants that are known cat repellents. Watch our video, featuring our expert vet alison, as she meets a florist to discuss the dangers that some flowers pose to our feline friends. How to use plants to deter cats.

This is an interesting paper looking at the research on valerian. Cats hate the smell, so placing them in or around your plants and flowers will keep the kitties away. When you are planting your garden or even using indoor plants consider skipping some of these herbal plants.

Decorative rocks or gravel if you have trouble with your cats using the dirt in your plants as a litter box, the solution may be as easy as adding in some stones to cover the dirt so that they can’t dig. They dig in the ground around the plants, tearing up roots and beds. Keep moist during summer months and the plant should flourish and produce many scented flowers.

Therefore, they are only worth using if you have a severe problem and are planning on. Curry plants are very difficult weeds to remove from your garden and will often harm other nearby plants; You may be wondering how to stop cats from eating plants.

Place them a couple of inches apart throughout the bed. These plants are very easy to take care of so if you have an area where a cat is trying to use it as a litter area, jut plant some of the scaredy cat plants and it will be all taken care of. Cats prefer to walk on soft, loose soil and will avoid prickly surfaces.

Valerian is an easy to grow plant that prefers to be regularly fertilized. A few strategically placed plants that cats hate should mean they get to exercise their right to roam by quickly moving on rather than pooping in your flower beds or sunbathing in your vegetable patch. Make your garden beds less inviting, or less like a litter box.

These plants produce dark green leaves and small blue or purple flowers, which makes them an attractive addition to the garden. Smells that cats hate that may surprise you. Valerian (valeriana officinalis) has a long established use for humans as a mild sedative, tranquilizer and anti depressant.

Cats spread their scent through urine and faeces as a reminder that they can visit this spot. An annual bedding plant, coleus canina typically grows no taller than 2 feet. Again, there are no absolutes, but there are a few things you can try.

Thyme, geranium, lavender, eucalyptus, wintergreen, rue, are some scents that cats can’t tolerate. Valerian is another cat favourite. Daffodils can be grown to keep rodents away during spring.

Others work well around the front of flowerbeds as they stop cats climbing in to mark their territory. You love your garden—and, unfortunately, it seems like all the neighborhood cats love it, too. Some of them you may know already, whereas others may.

Some may actually love it. Cover garden soil where cats frequent in twigs until your spring plants get established. Native to germany, this plant is hated by cats and dogs alike.

Also known as ruta graveolens, the common rue has an offensive odor ad a bitter taste, so it is a double threat when coming to cats. Well, we can’t dispute that given that their olfactory receptors reach up to a staggering 300 million. Place some of these plants around the boundaries of your garden to ward off cats passing through the neighbourhood.

These are the 3 smells cats hate, and you probably should, too when it comes to the battle of noses, dogs are often recognized as the champion. Dogs and cats can harm flower beds and gardens. If you notice cats using your garden as a litter box or gnawing on some of your plants, you are probably all.

Dispersing tomato plant leaves around the house and garden will help in keeping rats away. Tomato plants grown around the garden can help repel rodents from entering the premises. While it is common knowledge that lilies (all parts of the plant) are poisonous to cats, many other plants can be dangerous if eaten.

Cats and poisonous flowers and plants. While cats hate the smell of curry, and this plant will almost certainly prevent them from trespassing onto your garden, it does have its downside. In this animalwised article we're going to tell you the top 10 smells cats hate.

You either love them or hate them, and want to attract them into your garden, or you want to keep them out. Try to stay away from these essential oils as well. So lets have a look at the plants you might want to consider using….

Placing even the trimmings of prickly plants in your garden area can also work as a barrier to entry. Planting prickly plants such as blackberry, roses, holly, or hawthorne will likely deter not just cats but also dogs, foxes, and even human intruders according to cats away. Much as cats love catnip, there are some scents which they hate, and scientists have worked hard to develop new strains of flowers and plants that incorporate those smells.

Teenoo/istock/getty images some flowers also will deter rodents. If you have a pet cat you may have wondered what types of smells they don't like. Plants & trees that cats & dogs hate the smell of.

Therefore, when you catch cats nibbling on your garden plants, you could try spraying them down with a garden hose or water gun to reinforce the fact that. Cats are very clean and observant animals. In most cases, cats tend to avoid the following plants:

Petmd's website lists symptom of poisonous plant consumption, including vomiting and diarrhea. How to keep cats out of a garden. How to stop cats from eating plants.

It also has medicinal effects on cats.

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