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Look at pictures of russian blue kittens who need a home. Large ears are wide at the base and set rakishly toward the side of the head.

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The russian blue cat is moderately active.

Russian blue ragdoll cat. What we know is that this cat made its first appearance in england in 1875 and although russian blues were present in the us prior to world war ii, the breed. Also read our ragdoll cat breed information profile. But it is not only the coat of the russian blue that makes it good from an allergies perspective.

Wed aug 06, 2014 12:19 pm no. Helen frequent cat chatter posts: About charlie he is 1yr 8 months old.

They do not lounge the day away but they certainly enjoy a good nap. Babies are very fluffy, loving forever homes only & i’d like to keep in touch with the new owners. Soft coats green eyes strong gray coats.

Box trained, extremely and spirited friendly! They love being close to their companions and particularly enjoy cuddling up to the ones they love. Kitten has been fleed and wormed will come with cat carrier, cat bed(as seen in picture) and litter tray.

Mum is a russian blue x british short haired & dad is seal point ragdoll. The russian blue is robust, marked by strong sinews, a velvety fur and fine outlines. Russian blue appearance with the ragdoll personality!

It’s the perfect camouflage, blending into dark furnishings and shadowy corners. Russian blue is a hypoallergenic cat. The head shape is a broad, medium wedge with a flat top and straight nose in profile.

He's prefably an indoor cat. The eyes are a beautiful green, the ears widely spaced and slightly rounded at the top. The russian blue cat is moderately active.

The russian blue made his first appearance on the world stage of the cat fancy at an exhibit of cats held at london’s crystal palace in 1875. Originally known as the archangel cat because it arrived in europe aboard ships from the russian port of that name. Been neuted, micro chipped & all injections up to date.

Mother is full russian blue and father is russian blue cross bengal. The russian blue was once nicknamed the “doberman pinscher of cats” by a judge at a cat show due to the breed’s long, muscular body, which manages to be both elegant and athletic. Russian blue appearance with the ragdoll personality!

Charlie is a cross bree She may be a good choice for pet parents with allergies because she doesn't shed much and produces lower levels of the glycoprotein fel d 1, a known allergen, than other cat breeds. Looking for two russian blue kittens one grey one black preferably not desexed ( i believe they should be desexed about 6months old that’s my opinion) i have had cats all my life my 19yr old persian/russian blue passed away 2 years ago and her son passed away after 16.5years not long ago i really miss them both looking forward to be able to give a happy safe home for new family members.

The russian blue’s development as a breed, however, took place primarily in britain and scandinavia, starting in the late nineteenth century, when showing and breeding cats became a popular activity. Gorgeous 8 weeks old female russian cross bengal. The russian blue cat appears to be larger than she is because of her extremely dense, soft double coat.

Explore 2 listings for russian blue kittens for sale at best prices. Browse russian blue kittens for sale & cats for adoption. We have available russian blue x ragdoll kittens:

The best pets stunning and so smart. Ready the week before xmas. The russian blue is quite an old feline breed that descends from cats native to the current, and former, country of russia.

On the insurance application form it asks if the cat is a pedigree, cross. But, they enjoy playing with their family and will happily play games. Shorthairs maybe once a week if that.

For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of chrome or safari. Look at pictures of russian blue kittens who need a home. Sometimes referred to as archangel blues, many believe that the first cats of the russian blue family were brought to northern europe and england in the late nineteenth century by sailors coming back home from the archangel isles.

Excellent with children and other animals. However, there is some confusion regarding the origins of the russian blue. Many responsible cat breeders will keep their kittens longer, and make.

The russian blue is a natural breed and not the result of selective matings with other breeds as are many other newer breeds of cat. This fact, if true, will significantly minimize the allergic. I’ve always been an indoor cat and quite like it that way 🏠 my last home wasn’t great.

Certainly, you’ll want to comb and brush it once a week. Food is a premium brand dry kibble. In conclusion, the average price for the russian blue cat is in the region of $500 us dollars (about 380 british pounds) compared with $850 us dollar (about 650 british pounds) for the ragdoll cat.

He is a vocal cat and will tell you when he is hungry or he wants to play. Babies will be wormed & flead. One of my cats is a ragdoll x norwegian forest cat and a gorgeous big healthy cat.

Ready to leave ready to leave: Since i prefer shorthair cats, i'd go for the burmese or blue domestic over the ragdoll. I had to share my space with two big dogs that didn’t like me.

I’m not sure of my breed but i look like a russian blue x ragdoll with beautiful long fur and a fluffy tail. There is evidence that russian blues produce less of the glycoprotein fel d 1 which is as we’ve said is one of the most common allergens of cats. The cheapest offer starts at $ 100.

This breed is closely related to 3 other cat breeds, namely the british blue (or the british shorthair), the french chartreux and thailand korat because they share the same hue and have short hair, but the similarity ends there.each of the aforementioned blue breeds have their own fun. Why buy a russian blue kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life?

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