Siamese Cat Follows Me Everywhere

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My cat abby gets very jealous anytime i talk on the phone. I just lost my siamese cat of kidney failure and i saw puma on rescue me and decided to give him a forever home.

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Dragonage134 on june 24, 2019:

Siamese cat follows me everywhere. 😂 can’t wait to see her colors develop! He sleeps in my bed with me and he talks normally only to me. And he seems to be at home.

Like the siamese or the sphynx, will follow you everywhere, any time. The siamese is known to be one of the oldest royal breeds among cats. When i’m folding clothes in my room, he’s on the bed.

She follows me everywhere and watches me. Of course, this was a page right out of the kitten playbook, and i fell for it in nanoseconds. All of my cats tend to be in the sane area of the house as me but my little orange tigger oliver literally is everywhere!!!

They cry wanting someone to pet them! Whether this is food, attention, reassurance or something else depends on the given situation. Do seal point siamese cats have that in common?

That said he is very much a 1 person cat. So there you have it. He also seems to forgive me more easily than others(ex.

My cat follows me everywhere and sleeps with me. Hang in there your cat will be worth it. She will sit beside me and paw at my.

My kitten almost always follows me around, unless it is sunny and she's in the mood to sunbathe ( *that* is a greater lure than even me ;p ) Apparently siamese cats are very vocal, don't know how true this is. Basically, jason had a bad case of separation anxiety.

Watches me put on my makeup as she sits on the toilet, watches me eat, watches me dress. So my cousins owns a siamese cat and he bites a lot and attacks but he also is really nice at night he cuddles with me and sleeps with me and he is nice until you wake him up a lot sometimes but he can be held only for a little norte he bites but he is a nice kid siamese cat. A little siamese kitten named magwitch follows me everywhere.

There is such thing as a cat that is too clingy. It depends on how u treat ur cat! She's 9 months old and was so scared when i adopted her at 3 mths.

Most well adjusted cats like to be where he humans are, and some breeds (siamese, for example) *really* like it. Mine is talking all the time! She has to always sleep with me anywhere i plant myself.

She also loves chilling on my shoulder like a parrot and follows me everywhere! He is an indoor cat, and follows me around everywhere, but it's not annoying, it's endearing. The bond between a kitten and his mother is, according to animal behaviorist nicholas dodman (the cat who cried for help), “the most important one it will have.”“if, when the kitten cries, its mom routinely responds, it will develop confidence,” dodman says.

A clingy cat that follows you everywhere can be the best thing in the world. Read on to find out seven potential reasons for why your kitty is stalking you everywhere you go! Let’s try and redirect this behavior before it happens.

My cat harley i adopted is the most loving cat i have ever owned. I love the fact that my maine coon follows me around the house everywhere. When i sit and watch tv, he’s on my lap taking a nap.

My cute little tortie point siamese, chai! The siamese is very chatty, highly friendly, and intelligent breed. She seems to be a 1 person cat, a little unusual i think, she sleeps with me, if she’s done something wrong and she knows it she makes a bee line for wherever i am to get loved, she also has a habit of licking or cleaning me i guess.

They are surely not like the regular cat you must have seen. He just loves snuggling completely under the covers on my legs, or in the nook of my arm. I’ve had cats who were gentle and fun to play with, cats who were cool and reserved — and cats who absolutely would not leave my side no matter what.

Cause if u treat them badly they wont even go to u, or near u! I’ve never known another cat breed to do it quite as much as the maine coon and it’s just another example of how this breed differentiates itself from most others! This is the more likely behavior when a cat follows the owner around and also starts to meow.domestic cats are more likely to meow at humans as a means of getting attention than they are toward each other.

Just meows randomly, and meows back when i say something. He will sleep soundly all night like this. Some cats attach to only one person.

This breed is quite distinct from the rest not only due to its unique physical appearance but also due to its strong personality. Rosiejuliet it was love at first snuggle. And if u treat them nice;

If you’re thinking, “my clingy cat follows me around constantly to the point where i can’t get things done. The myth is that cats are aloof and antisocial, but it is just that, a myth. She has the snazziest orange nose and mustache.

If you are unsure why your cat is following you everywhere, then you will need to analyse why and see if it is healthy. When i step on his tail). Cats, in my experience, have a range of personalities that’s almost as diverse as that among humans.

If your cat is constantly following you around, getting in your way, preventing you from getting anything done, then you have a cat who loves you. Cats follow u cause they like u, not cause its a siamese cat it can be any type of cat! He follows me every where, and once he was a year or so he loved being on my lap (just not being petted.) i call him bud 1/2 the time and rarely call him terrorist or names any more.

Cats want to be close to their humans and also want to be their focal point. The last couple of weeks this grey cat with yellow eyes has been appearing outside my house at night it only comes to me when im by myself its like it goes into a trance and its eyes become fixated on me and it walks towards me without any hesitation and comes with in touching distance then just walks off my girlfriend said she has seen it but. Posted by 2 hours ago.

A cat follows you everywhere and meows because they want something from you. When i clean the litter box in the laundry room he jumps up on the washing machine and watches me. We love each other and he follows me everywhere.

Your cat may even take it one step further and jump at your legs as you walk. We adopted a siamese from a shelter. My siamese cat follows me everywhere around the house.

She has some strange habits, she follows me everywhere even in the nite to the bathroom. Original poster 181 points · 4 months ago. A cat that follows you everywhere can be quite irritating.

And the cat can also be lonly cause cats do that some times! The tiny snowshoe siamese kitten made himself comfortable on my shoulder and fell asleep. My cat is siamese and she's very friendly and follows me around everywhere, but can be super annoying, because she meows a lot.

He has turned out to be such a good cat. Sometimes cats also follow us around as a means of getting our attention. These three tools can help you:

And if you trip over him, it can be quite painful for both of you!

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