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It is a fact that cuteness is one of the most important factors that people look for in a pet. Every single day, three slow lorises are poached from the wild, the group noted.

Are Humans Pushing the Slow Loris to Extinction? Slow

It belongs to the family lorisidae.

Slow loris pet. Without context, you might think that a little slow loris with its arms up being tickled appears to be a funny, adorable video. If you get any information about such illegal practices, please inform the concerned authorities. In 2009, youtube videos of a ‘pet’ slow loris being tickled received thousands of views and likes.

Many viewers thought that the slow loris was enjoying this experience. They also have a toxic bite, sharp teeth and claws, and like any wild animal, an unpredictable and likely aggressive temperament. Slow loris clings to human arm.

The slow loris is a small, nocturnal, primate. However, there’s a dark side to these slow moving primates which will have you thinking twice about getting a slow loris pet! Not only does the slow loris pet trade cause unimaginable suffering, it is also the biggest threat to the survival of the species, which is in serious danger of extinction.

Before knowing some facts about slow loris, let us learn some facts about loris first. The pygmy slow loris is heavily exploited for traditional “medicine” as well as for the pet trade; They're carnivores and like live food, often tearing the prey apart (could get a little messy).

The popularity of these asian primates took off when a private owner of one uploaded a video of their pet, named sonya, getting its under arms tickled. Most countries have rules against the purchase of exotic species (including the slow loris). They are most closely related to the slender lorises of south asia, followed by the angwantibos, pottos and false.

How is slow loris as a pet. Slow lorises (genus nycticebus) are strepsirrhine primates and are related to other living lorisoids, such as slender lorises (loris), pottos (perodicticus), false pottos (pseudopotto), angwantibos (arctocebus), and galagos (family galagidae), and to the lemurs of madagascar. Individuals were deemed pet slow lorises if

There has been a 76% habitat loss from logging, along with destruction from military activities and hunting. Illegal pet traders in indonesia told dr. For example, slow lorises are popular in the illegal pet trade.

This exotic pet includes some species that are facing dramatic decline in population, and among them, the javan slow loris is one of the most endangered. There are several species, the smallest of which is the pygmy small loris, and the largest is about the size of a small house cat. See more ideas about slow loris, loris, animals wild.

Though the pygmy slow loris pet trade specifically is a huge problem, people will do anything to get their hands on just about any exotic furry friend with a cute face, no matter how dangerous, endangered, or expensive it may be. Customers find them irresistible, but these primates don’t fare well. In that way, a slow loris can be ideal as a pet.

You might have come across some online advertisements stating slow loris for sale. • slow lorises are in serious danger of extinction, with the biggest threat to survival being the illegal trade in wildlife. As its name suggests, it is only found on java island in indonesia.

Selfish tendencies essentially fuel the illegal pet trade. However, it is not wise to keep a slow loris as a pet, due to the above said reasons. The slow loris pet trade involves horrific cruelty and suffering, iar said in a facebook post.

Having a slow loris as a pet encourages the. What is a slow loris and do i really want a slow loris pet? Its tail is short to nonexistent, but its dexterous hands (with opposable thumbs) and feet make climbing and hanging around in trees a breeze.

However, as cute as the slow loris is, they really wouldn't make a great pet. The hands and feet of the slow loris are small, but Actor peter egan urges us to think otherwise in this informative video.

The word “loris” originated from the dutch language which means ‘clown’. The slow loris is a primate, specifically one that is part of the genus nycticebus. Slow lorises are just the latest unusual pet to become fashionable.

Greater, pygmy, philippine, kayan river, bengal, bornean, mangka, and javan slow loris. Terms ‘pet slow loris’ and ‘slow loris’ into each web 2.0 site with english and with japanese characters (katakana) and only selected those videos with their upload location as japan. It is highly doubtful that any slow loris would be being kept as a pet legally.

Nekaris that they remove the animals’ teeth not to protect future owners, but to prevent. Of these, an average of one dies. one species, the javan slow loris, is already critically endangered, largely due to the exotic pet trade. The genus is made up of 3 species:

It is also used as a food source in some areas of its native range. If you come across a video or photo of a pet slow loris on the internet, please know that, while it may appear cute, the animal in the video is suffering and so is the entire species. When the detrimental effects of the illegal exotic pet trade are discussed, the slow loris is often brought up.

They have large heads with big round eyes and small ears. The slow loris is a group of lorises in the taxonomic genus nycticebus.they are closely related to their sister genus loris, the slender lorises.scientists believe there are eight different species of slow loris. But exotic animals are often not suited for a life.

The different slow loris species are as follows: This slow and adorable small creature is one of the world's 25 most endangered primates. The problem with exotic pet trends.

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