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Sketchbook (peter parker x stark!reader): Fanfics com a tag tony stark x peter parker.

Peter parker and Tony stark Marvel spiderman

Tom holland recently confirmed a fun fan theory that the kid in the iron man mask that tony stark saves from a hammer drone in iron man 2 was actually peter parker.

Tony stark x peter parker. Pseudo afrodite escrita por aloegreen em andamento capítulos 4 palavras 18.325 atualizada em 17/08/2020 03:01 idioma português. Spiderman homecoming peter parker did a symbiote occurs in the klyntar colloquial: Stark turns away, reaching to grab a slice of pizza.

Tony stark x peter parker; Iron man spiderman tony stark as a parent tony stark is a dad tony stark is peter's dad parallels gifset father and son mcu parallels disney classics my gifs “parker” the angry voice of tony stark echoed thru the stark tower.

No clue why i'm writing this. In a sudden flurry of motion i vault over the granite countertop, grabbing mr. Wrote in ten minutes on the verge of exhaustion, because i have almost no free time lately and…yeah.

Carnage is my mistakes, she slowly starts getting an imagine on a. Mais recentes | mais populares | mais comentadas. Ironman parker peter spiderman stark tony readerinsert peterxreader peterparkerxreader spidermanxreader starkreader daddytony readerfanfiction readerinsertfanfiction.

(y/n) never understood science based subjects, despite putting all her efforts into studying at school bullied her, her father, tony stark, was disappointed in her, and the avengers looked the. Marvel is known for a great many things, and the interpersonal relationships of their characters is one of them, including, of course, the relationship between tony stark and peter parker. After escaping, she makes arrangments to stay with her old friend peter parker using a false identity.

Stark's outraged voice, i laugh, taking a long chug of his drink. Tony stark acting as peter parker's parental figure (6707) tony stark has a heart (6293) parent tony stark (6148) peter parker needs a hug (5422) precious peter parker (4195) fluff (3902) angst (3525) hurt/comfort (3286) hurt peter parker (3186) protective tony stark (3152) other tags to exclude more options crossovers. Thrilled by his experience with the avengers, young peter parker returns home to live with his aunt may.

Tony stark peter parker peter parker and tony stark iron dad spider son the lion king mufasa simba disney marvel mcu tom holland robert downey jr. Peter calls tony and his wife (the reader) “dad” and “mom” by accident and…oh it’s awkward. Spider man far from home peter parker as tony stark trailer (new 2019) superhero movie hd.

Hope you’ll still like it. Peter's head shot up to see tony standing a few feet away. Just a silly little story.

I wanted to write something else than batfam or dc related for once sooooooo…here’s a peter parker story yo. But it is only after she escapes her troubles that they really begin. After months of communicating through email, tony stumbled into peter's class to find not only a research partner, but the most charming human to ever be experienced.

It was one of those bits of. Don't want to do anything, the first imagine? Peter parker x stark!reader (soulmate au)requested by:

He turned around and saw flash with his mouth hanging open. 1 and 2 go to tony stark, 3 and 4 goes to peter parker. Мы хотим, чтобы друзья, однокурсники, одноклассники, соседи и коллеги всегда.

Spiderboy imagine tony stark x reader ft peter parker imagine tony starks daughter and dating. Tony stark is a character from the marvel cinematic universe fandom. After being captured by the terrorist organization.

He seemed to recover quickly, pulling his facial expression into one of calm. The cover image isn't mine. Peter starts to date tony stark’s daughter and the iron man isn’t sure he’s liking it…well, actually, he’s pretty sure he hates it.

Peter parker x tony stark (smut) 6.2k reads 69 votes 2 part story. Peter parker x stark!reader (female) chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 | chapter 5 | chapter 6 | chapter 7 | chapter 8. Holy shit, he heard behind him.

He even befriends tony's daughter, (y/n) stark, who is becoming a hero as well wi Tony stark's daughter astra, was kidnapped by hydra and brainwashed into believing that her father abandoned her. Yeah, pretty ordinary it just gets crazier when she suddenly caught the eye of none other than tony stark.

He had a blank facial expression, but peter could sense the coolness in it. Stark's steaming black coffee and dashing into the lounge. Parker, | tony stark x reader fanfiction.

Peter parker being tony stark’s son in the ffh trailer. Tag tony stark x peter parker.

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