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Anonymous the case of the sinister spider by @ironfamjam. Homecoming (2017) from left to right:

Starker Tony joven x Peter Доктор стрэндж

Despite having homework, peter joins tony in germany.

Tony x peter. I can see the universe!!!! Add to library 5,831 discussion 2,513. Just a silly little story.

After months of communicating through email, tony stumbled into peter's class to find not only a research partner, but the most charming human to ever be experienced. Anybody… when the little lion cub burrowed into his dead dad's chest and peter unconsciously pressed himself against his mentor's side, tony nearly shut the tv off. Tony stared at peter for a minute.

I do not own or have any rights to the spiderman or ironman comics or shows or movies or what ever else they are making xd. Peter parker x stark!reader (soulmate au)requested by: The kid physically flinched when simba started yelled for help.

Tony is a cop and peter is his assistant who lives with him. View this post on 16. Read tony x peter from the story avengers oneshots by sydg44 (sydney) with 1,032 reads.

Tony stark, and peter parker are copywritten by marvel.all i own is the randomness that happens! Wrote in ten minutes on the verge of exhaustion, because i have almost no free time lately and…yeah. Discover (and save!) your own pins on pinterest

Each one physically exists only in their respective time of day, being able to take the form of a human with characteristics of their realm. No clue why i'm writing this. I think peter gets kidnapped and at the end tony relapses.

After being captured by the terrorist organization. See more ideas about avengers, marvel, marvel avengers. Peter starts to date tony stark’s daughter and the iron man isn’t sure he’s liking it…well, actually, he’s pretty sure he hates it.

It seems as though tony had been monitoring peter for some time, keeping tabs on him most likely due to an interest in his powers. Hope you’ll still like it. Starting off with a short, no smut one.

Peter’s doing a better job than you. Peter parker and his friends go on summer vacation to europe, while he also tries to reconnect with his estranged girlfriend (y/n) stark. Experiencing a new world (peter parker love story) 3 days ago just another fangirl.

If i did own them…oh the gayness…but i don't, sad. You’ve had 10 pots of coffee already! Daddy's girl (peter parker x stark!reader) add to favourites.

Peter parker x tony stark (smut) 6.2k reads 69 votes 2 part story. So it was no wonder when people got. They scare me… they are me.

Peter calls tony and his wife (the reader) “dad” and “mom” by accident and…oh it’s awkward. Featured tony x peter quizzes & stories. The development of their life together from there.

I wanted to write something else than batfam or dc related for once sooooooo…here’s a peter parker story yo. And that's before the photo of him and tony leaks, and before he starts a stark intern twitter account, and before bucky bugs him and finds out his whole school thinks he's a liar, and before tony decides that he's going to prove peter's internship is real, and before his school visits his second home. He’s in his room sleeping *peter’s room* peter, had 12 redbulls:

Tony stark is a character from the marvel cinematic universe fandom. While abroad, he and (y/n) are recruited by nick fury to team up with quentin beck, who appeared out of a tear in the multiverse caused by thanos’ snap, in order. Peter parker, tony stark, happy hogan.

The cover image isn't mine. I have to finish this suit and i need the coffee to do it!

Peter and Ned from Spiderman

Peter parker and Tony stark Marvel spiderman

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Spiderman avengers peter steve superhusbands tony Stony

Ok, superfam is actually really cute

Tony x Peter Мстители, Марвел, Супергерои

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