Underwood 44 Special Bulldog

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I've been searching the internet looking for good ballistics gel test results on factory jhp self defense rounds in.44 special. This load was designed specifically for defensive use.

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Our purpose in developing this heavy 44 spl load was to duplicate our renowned 38 spl +p 158 gr.

Underwood 44 special bulldog. The reviewer had a mould for a 44 wadcutter. They offer two 44 special loadings, one for anything but a bulldog , and one just for the bulldog. Owner of buffalo bore tim sundles on heavy 44 special ammunition:

Keith bullet over 16.7 grains of alliant 2400 in modern brass) are simply too hot for the little bulldog and will shoot one loose in short order. The.44 special is very similar to the.45 auto in ballistics, as you saw. He pulled out a stainless charter arms bulldog in.44 special.

The fixed sights are augmented by crimson trace lasergrips that make it easier to acquire targets quickly in low light. This brings up a fact many of us learned back in the day: Out of stock (21) ruger 1761 gp100 standard single/double action 44 special 3 5 h.

For ammo i would suggest underwood ammo. Penetrated 16 inches, expanding to 0.740. Many years ago, when the charter bulldog first appeared on the scene, guns magazine did a writeup on it.

With all the new fangled miniature auto loaders for concealed carry available today it is tough to beat a snub nose revolver chambered in a cartridge that is loaded with a big heavy slow bullet. Underwood ammo has a similar load for 44 special (200 gr gdhp @ 1100 fps), and i bought a couple of boxes for my s&w 629 after reading that report. So far i haven't found much.

Cowboy action has recently given the.44 special a shot in the arm, and the lighter cast bullets further broaden the special's appeal. 44 special revolver, a guard dog in your pocket. I recently read some test results where that load (the speer 44 mag short barrel load) was fired into gelatin, through 4 layers of denim.

I have had a 1st gen, 3'' barreled.44 special bulldog since, i believe, the early 80's. Charter arms 64420 bulldog 44 special double action 2.5 5 blac. It is one of the original ones with the 3 barrel an exposed ejector rod.

Soft cast hp @ 1000 fps out of a 2 inch revolver, (item 20a) but with a 190gr. There is a guy on youtube that believes he's found the perfect.44 special snubby factory load in cci 200 gr. Probably the combination of reading/watching manhunter and reading taffin's regard for them.

That lightweight revolvers built on service revolver frames were a handy. They were very powerful and quite hard kicking in the lighter.44 specials. Now the bulldog is one of those firearms that i've wanted for reasons i don't really know.

Some loads such as the otherwise excellent heavy.44 special loads offered by buffalo bore ammunition or elmer keith's famous hunting load (the 250 gr. Wadcutter from matt’s bullets loaded over 4.0 grains of red dot, 4.0 grains of bullseye, or 5.0 grains of unique. I have had the bulldog out several times since the review and it is still trouble free also there is a cool factor of the.44 special.

The.44 special fits this premise well, and it generates much less recoil in a small gun than a magnum. Lehigh defense xtreme defenderr case type: It fits my smallish hands perfectly and i feel like i get reasonable groups and.

Out of stock (10) charter arms 14420 bulldog 5rd 44sp 2.5 out of stock (14) ruger 5232 blackhawk 6rd 44sp 4.62 out of stock. Seems the older bulldogs were slightly more robust and could handle higher pressure than the current models, thus a bulldog only load. I ccw a charter arms bulldog 2.5 barrel.

Congrats on the 44 special. Charter arms is now making a bulldog in.45 auto but i have only seen them but but i have not shot one yet. I learned the that the charter arms bulldog.44 special has a faithful following.

Said these giant hollowpoints did terrible things to ballistic.



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