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The answer, according to scripture, is a clear and emphatic “no.” peter nowhere claims supremacy over the other apostles. Peter has been rubbed down to a stump.

Saint Peter as the First Pope Date late 14th century

Let us begin by considering the primary text to which appeal is made in discussing the claim that jesus appointed peter as pope:

Was peter the first pope. This was a 3700 hour project which included going through 22896 pages of the 38 volume set called ante nicene, nicene, post nicene fathers. There are, however, other inconsistencies with the claim that peter was the first pope. Also, see my archive of roman catholic related essays here.

Also in catholic belief, peter was, as the first bishop of rome, the first pope. Jerome “‘but,’ you [jovinian] will say, ‘it was on peter that the church was founded’ [matt. Peter was not the first pope.

In fact, from the time that jesus allegedly first appointed peter pope in matthew 16 until the end of his life peter consistently does things and says things which deny that he is a pope. First pope from the southern hemisphere. Early church fathers on peter being the first pope the early church fathers on various topics:

Was peter the first pope? Is the catholic dogma of papal primacy scripturally valid? From this belief they proclaim that the roman catholic church is the only true church because peter (and the catholic church) were given the keys, so to speak, to the kingdom of god and no other church has been given those keys.

It was upon the rock of peter’s confession upon which jesus would build his church, not upon peter himself. Peter has a long list of places, occupations, and causes under his patronage.he is the patron saint of popes and of rome and of many cities that bear his name, such as st. Furthermore, they consider every pope to be peter's successor and the rightful superior of all other bishops.

Paul, of the see of rome. The question of whether or not peter was the first “pope” is an important one. Yet catholics claim he was their very first pope!

The first pope and vicar of christ received his eternal reward june 29th in the year 67. He was the first leader of the church for sure…. Those who claim peter was pope are responsible to prove their claim is valid.

The first 31 popes all shed their blood in defense of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church. Peter was a native of bethsaida, near lake tiberias, the son of john, and worked, like his brother st. Of course, there was nothing like the modern idea of a pope then or for many years after this.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that jesus unquestionably did build his church, his true congregation, upon himself. We must always remember that one of the official titles of the pope, first taken by pope gregory i, the great (d. Simon peter or cephas, the first pope, prince of the apostles, and founder, with st.

The only correct answer to each question is a simple no. As the traditional first pope of the roman catholic church, st. Even if peter the individual was the rock on which jesus would build his church, that does not mean that peter was the first of many popes.

I compiled 255 pages of quotes showing that the early church was always and completely catholic. There is no valid scriptural proof that peter ever acted as pope. The author of this article does not accept that peter was a “pope”.

Was the apostle peter a pope? 604), is servant of the servants of god. We have already examined their use of matt.

Peter (circa a.d early 60s) after 800 years of kisses, (including a peck from queen sofia of spain, pictured in the photo), the big toe of this statue of st. Its answer should, and will, impact our understanding of the faith. Nowhere in his writings (1 and 2 peter) did the apostle peter claim any special role, authority, or power over the church.

Pope john paul ii is the 266th successor in the unbroken line of popes since saint peter. Six reasons why peter was not the first pope. Was peter the first pope?

Clearly, if the apostle peter were alive today, he would never be accepted as pope. That the rock on which christ builds his congregation is christ himself. However, peter never bore the title of pope or vicar of christ in the sense the catholic church considers peter the first pope.

For example, in matthew 16:16, after peter’s famous confession, “thou art the christ, the son of the living god,” jesus explained to the disciples that. That peter was not “prince of the apostles.” that peter never acted like a pope. Catholic tradition celebrates peter as the first bishop of rome and the father of the papacy.

Andrew, as a fisherman on lake genesareth.andrew introduced peter to jesus, and christ called peter to become adisciple. Was peter the first pope? Did he have any successors?

In the books of men, the following titles are commonly used with reference to a man: Roman catholicism teaches that the apostle peter was the first pope and that there has been an unbroken line of popes since peter. Nevertheless, our church boasts of an unbroken line of legitimate successors of peter who stand in the stead of christ.

This essay will consider whether the apostle peter was appointed to be the rock the first pope. Pope, holy father, vicar of christ, sovereign pontiff. all of these are titles that rightly belong only to the lord jesus christ and to god the father. The word pope given to the head of our catholic family (i.e.

The first see, therefore, is that of peter the apostle, that of the roman church, which has neither stain nor blemish nor anything like it” (decree of damasus 3 [a.d.

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