When To Put Down A Cat With Fiv

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There is absolutely no reason to put a healthy cat down, and a cat with fiv can be healthy for a long time. The cat has a slight waist when viewed from above, and a level, but not saggy tummy from the side.

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When to put down a cat with fiv loving and living with a cat with fiv.

When to put down a cat with fiv. However, there is a long asymptomatic period before aids occurs and our job is to prolong this asymptomatic period. This makes the cat susceptible to various secondary infections. Some lifestyle changes will probably be needed now that you know you have an fiv+ cat.

It is so unnecessary, and so painful for the fosters to find that the kittens to whom they were giving love and care will be put down. The virus is passed from cat to cat, usually as a result of fighting, when infected saliva from one cat enters the bloodstream of another. Fiv is transmitted through saliva and can be through litter boxes(vet told me that one.).

Until this diagnosis, her cat has seemed healthy and without issues. Infection with fiv, also known as feline aids, is not a valid reason to euthanize a cat. Felv breaks down a cat’s immune system, leading to symptoms that include pale gums, yellow color of the mouth and whites of the eyes, weight loss, and poor coat condition.

Fiv is a virus that causes aids in cats; A cat with fiv can live many years without getting sick. *hugs* i'm so sorry to hear this, i feel for you.

I'm going to share my experience. Feline immunodeficiency virus (fiv) is a virus that causes immunosuppression in cats and subsequent secondary infections. While there are many similarities in the method of transmission and problems it causes for the infected cat, feline immunodeficiency virus is species specific.

Making the decision to put down a rescued fiv+ cat. When the vet first told me,he asked if i wanted to put the cat to sleep soon. But here’s what you—and every cat owner—should know about the disease.

The vet told us fiv was contagious and told us we should put the fiv cat down. “what can be tricky about felv is that the disease can vary greatly between cats,” dr. Thick cover of fat over chest and tummy.

In general, if a cat is too weak and has a seriously diminished quality of life, euthanasia may be considered as a possibility. Fiv is not a highly contagious disease, but it can be passed from cat to cat, primarily through bite wounds. Now days, our vets are saying as long as the fiv cats are not fighting or biting, they are safe to be with the other cats in the house.

Ribs and spine difficult to locate. When to put down a cat with fiv. Unfortunately,i thought shots for cats was a one time thing(of course its not).

She took him to the vet earlier this week and they have concluded he has fiv. I told him although the cat was sleeping 24/7,i dont want to put the cat to sleepyet, occasionally the cat was bright eyed,while awake,and full. Since fiv can cause immunosuppression and, in theory, can increase the risk of a cat succumbing to certain infectious diseases, it is important to have the cat receive twice yearly veterinary care.

Put less emphatically, you shouldn’t avoid adopting a cat simply because he or she has fiv. Nigel tested positive for fiv aug 2008,i had to put him down dec 5th 2009. When to put down a cat with fiv fiv aids in cats vaccines tests treatment walkerville vet.

Feline immunodeficiency virus just as hiv stands for human immunodeficiency virus. Hello, recently a fluffy persian cat turned up at our doorstep. If he feels good, it is hard to want to put him down.

Cat aids patients eventually become much more susceptible to infections because ofthis suppressed immune system, even getting very ill from organisms that arenaturally in the He was very disheveled and in a very bad state. Cats who are infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (fiv) may not show symptoms until years after the initial infection occurred.

I'm reminded of a friend's father who adopted a stray who, when taken in for neutering, was found to be fiv+ and pts without his owner being consulted. Calling this feline virus by the names of feline hiv, feline aids, and cat aids leads people to believe there is a connection between hiv and fiv. As long as they get along all should be well.

There is also a small risk of disease transmission associated with sharing food bowls, mutual grooming, and other activities that could expose an uninfected cat to an infected cat’s saliva. Making the decision to put down a rescued fiv+ cat. It also can’t be transmitted to other species, even through a bite, so there’s no need to be concerned about your.

It is a virus thatcauses immunosuppression, or a weakened immune system, in positive cats. Can be described as chunky or stout. They have told her it is best to put him down to keep him from suffering.

We haven't had any problems with our fiv cat and love him to death. Here is when to put down a cat with fiv for you. Posted by 2 hours ago.

This is a difficult situation. An article that might be helpful to you is feline immunodeficiency virus (fiv). Fiv separating … read more when to put down a cat with fiv

Bony landmarks obscured by fat. A large proportion of these cats ultimately die of. It can’t be transmitted to humans.

Some have asked the question over when to put a cat down with fiv. Over the past month, her cat's eating has decreased and he's lost two pounds. He couldn’t open either of his eyes, one of them was completely blackened, swollen and non.

Fiv stands for feline immunodeficiency virus,but is more commonly understood as cat aids or feline hiv. However, the veterinary medical community is still debating the question over whether euthanasia is appropriate for the feline community as a whole. While it is true that you must not put a cat like that back on the streets, there were other options, including adoption to a family without other cats, adoption to a family with a cat that already has fiv, and keeping the cat with the other cat, knowing there was a risk of fiv.

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